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Medical Coding Services

Why The Medical Coding Company?


We are specifically a Medical Coding Company. We are not a EMR or IT company with unknown remote workers logging into a system. All of our medical coders are seated in the same building. We own our own medical file servers and equipment which gives us complete control on every aspect of our medical coding services.



We allocate individual medical coders to you


We assign specific medical coders to your account by medical specialty.

This provides our customers with their own team of medical coders without the management cost. This also gives our customers peace of mind knowing the same medical coders are coding their reports week after week. This ensures quality through familiarization.



Medical coding flexibility


We do not believe in one size fits all. We treat every customer individually. We tailor our medical coding output to each of our customers' individual specific coding guidelines and requirements.



Cost Savings over in-house medical coding


Medical Coding Staff

As with any business your most expensive resource is the human resources. More and more healthcare providers are seeing that outsourcing their medical coding to The Medical Coding Company is one way to keep their human resource costs down.


Volume Management

Coding volumes vary and this creates highs and lows.

Sometimes there is not enough coding to keep your staff busy other times there is too much creating a backlog. Using The Medical Coding Company completely eliminates this issue.


Medical Coding Training

With constant changes and so many more codes being introduced with ICD-10 training and certification takes time and this makes re-training costly.


Management Time

Administrators and management time is drastically reduced when we take over your medical coding processing.



Medical coding turnaround


We know that faster coding turnarounds equal faster reimbursement.


Because medical coding impacts on your accounts receivables (AR) and cash flow, we provide 3 guaranteed delivery options.

Because we know that accuracy is more important than turnaround we evaluate your coding requirements to find the right turnaround schedule. This ensures quality is never ever compromised.

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